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If you know basic javascript then this blog will help you to understand some tricky things in javascript. So let’s start

1 ) Truthy Values

In javascript when we say truthy value it doesn’t mean that value is true but it means that forcefully value becomes true in a boolean contex. Let’s see an example then we will understand it clearly.

If we run the above code we will get output: “Truthy value !” because in the parameter of if() I pass value 1 which is a truthy value that’s why this if()…

I will try to cover the most important fundamental concepts of React js. It is not the complete guide to fundamental of react js.

1) It is a library

Unfortunately react js is not a framework. It can not provide you a complete solution for your projects. You have to use other library with react. On the other hand framework is a complete solution . It will give you a structure to complete a project. However there are disadvantages also for example we can say that frameworks are not flexible. …

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1. undefined

Undefined is a primitive value which is automatically assign to a variable . Let’s see an example

Here in the example we declare a variable called y but we did not assigned any value . If we console this y variable then we can see output: Undefined. We can also check it by using typeof function.


Generally in the term of mathematics boolean is logical data type. It has two value one is true and another…

If you know basic javascript then this blog will be helpful for you to understand more about these 10 topics


This String.includes() method help us whether a string is found within another string. If found then it will return us true if not then false. Let’s look at the syntax

this function takes two parameters one is searchString and another is position(this is optional). Let’s see an example

if we look at first console.log, here we search…

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